A brief introduction about this website and to who I am.

The Person

A burgeoning entrepreneur and service-oriented professional whose passion lies in innovation, engineering and user experiences.

Possesses over ten years of experience in Software Engineering and has an outgoing personality.

Commands an immense flair for communication skills to connect with a wide range of audiences.

Driven to be self-trained, displays enthusiasm when exploring new ideas and excels beyond paper qualifications.

A captivating and charismatic presenter of ideas and a valuable asset to his team.

A natural leader who can inspire, nurture and produce results.

The Website

This site is written in ES6 with Meteor, GraphQL and ReactJS. The code lives in a public repository in Github

It is deployed on an Ubuntu server in Digital Ocean, loads static assets from Amazon Cloudfront and is served via Nginx proxying in front of a NodeJS server. The SSL certificate is free, provided for by LetsEncrypt.

It has been designed & built from scratch upon a base of selected NodeJS & Meteor modules:

react-router, react-motion, react-apollo and apollostack to name a few.

The technology powering this site can very easily power most Android/iOS mobile applications.

For resource-heavy applications like games, there is React Native.

Fun Facts

1st Computer486 DX2 66 MHz, 8MB RAM
1st DataBaseIII
1st Script, QBAsic
Favourite EditorEditor
Favourite OS